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Not bad for a female Jack Sparrow impersonator huh? 😉


Thought I’d take this time to say that I set up a YouTube channel that will be specifically for any videos I produce for my SparrowStyle Impersonation page. You can find it here: SparrowStyle Impersonation’s YouTube Channel.

Feel free to subscribe to stay updated on any videos I post. Most videos get posted there first and then to the Facebook page.

The above photo was taken by one of my friends while I was in Boston.


Finally finished the video!

Planning to have more videos to post in the future (hopefully).

Join Captain Jack as he wanders around Boston looking for his ship and finds an alternative to drinking rum (because, as he knows all too well, the rum is always gone). Meanwhile during his search he encounters many locals who seem to have taken an interest in the Captain’s presence, taking photos and carrying on conversations with him.

I realize that most people have not seen me in action as Captain Jack Sparrow, so I decided to create a little video showing a bit of what I do as Captain Jack.

Available for promotional events, festivals, parades, photoshoots etc.
Contact us on Facebook with any inquiries or requests.

SparrowStyle on Facebook

Here’s a little video I put together for my Jack Sparrow impersonation thing. I also created a YouTube channel for where all my SparrowStyle Impersonation videos will go. :D


Heading into NYC tomorrow with a friend to hang out in Times Square. So if you see Captain Jack Sparrow, feel free to stop by and say hi!

Pictures taken by one of my friends. I have to say, I actually really like my facial expression in the last photo. My friend said I was making a really good “Depp face” in that pic. Haha

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Reblogging on my own account because I am slowly going to try and move all my Jack Sparrow impersonation related stuff to my sparrowstyle account instead of this one haha

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