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Hey guys, just thought I’d update a bit with some news.

So I am back on UW Madison campus and ready to resume my duties as the Jack Sparrow impersonator for Badger Costume Play and Design Guild. First event this semester where I will be working with them is the UW Madison Fall Org Fair. I am planning to be there Wednesday for the duration of the fair and then again on Thursday for the last hour or so. So be sure to stop by their table, come say hi, and talk to me about UW Madison’s very own costuming group! It will be a good time, I can assure you :D

Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on that as well as a possible video that I have planned.

These photos were taken at Wizard World Chicago by Rocket Cat Cosplay.

Okay so here are some neat things I noticed about the apartment building today. Obvious things, but things I feel I should point out them out anyways lol. First off, there are these cool dramatically lit alcoves in the hallways where the apartments are. I want to do a photoshoot in these things. Yep. Second, there’s a huge wall fountain thing in the lobby of the apartment. The lobby looks like a hotel lobby. It’s insane. Lastly, the air conditioning control in my unit. I don’t know how to use it. It’s confusing and scary looking, and I wish they gave me some sort of instructions with it. But whatever. I still love this apartment haha

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